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Message from President Cordelia Anthony

Dear Members,

It truly feels like I just sat at my desk to write the welcome back to school letter last summer. I was recently reading an article it mentioned that experts have said that “our perception of time greatly changes as we age, which makes certain periods feel like they go by quickly”. I think I must be starting to reach whatever age that is because I don’t know how June came so quickly. Nevertheless, I am grateful it’s here. What are your summer plans? As I was reading the NEA magazine the other day I noted a couple of things that it mentioned educators should be doing this month:

  1. Make sure that at the end of the school year, you give yourself praise. You’ve done a wonderful job and made a difference in the lives of your students and your colleagues this year so just breathe, reflect and realize how wonderful you are.
  2. Start planning to take some time out to do some fun summer activities. For some of us that might look like reading great books, relaxing with family and friends, going on vacation or just doing a whole lot of nothing. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve it.

No one knows how much time many of us put in making phone calls, grading, returning emails, helping with applications, writing recommendations and SO much more. All this while under increased scrutiny inside and outside of the classroom, many times from people who have no idea what we really do. We know how essential we all are to our students and to this community, I will keep sending you and others that message. So take the time this summer if you can, to release some stress. Some of us will need or choose to work during this summer, and I still encourage you to commit to some ‘non-work’ time if at all possible. We all need to try to reset our bodies, minds, and souls from everything this school year has brought. The fabled notion that summer break is a luxury is wrong, for most of us it is a necessity both mentally and physically. ENJOY IT!!!!!

Lastly to our 2023 retiree cohort, I want to wish you a very long and healthy retirement. You have left an indelible mark on students in Farmingdale during your career here. May your retirement be filled with relaxation, happiness, and all the things you love to do. Enjoy your freedom and unlimited weekends! 😊