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Message from President Cordelia Anthony

Dear Members, where did 2022 go? I really am baffled at how we are at the end of the year already. Most of the time I feel like days aren’t moving but somehow we rapidly progress through the year. For many of us December represents a time to celebrate, reflect, and plan. There are 2022 achievements to celebrate and things we were able to accomplish, as well as reflecting on things we may not have achieved as well as devastating losses that we have faced. Many of us also start that ‘big plan’ for 2023 whether it is a vacation we have always wanted to plan, something we are hoping for, or even specific things we may make a vision board for. I want to congratulate two December 2022 retirees, AnnMarie Ingenito and Annemarie Wood. Congratulations 

Lastly, whether you are currently celebrating Hanukkah, looking forward to Christmas and Kwanzaa or just planning to do a whole lot of nothing, I wish you health, happiness and peace. If you don’t like the cold weather like me, wrap yourself up in the holiday spirit. See you in 2023!

In Solidarity.

happy holidays