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NYSUT has set up a specific disaster relief fund just for Farmingdale. Many of you have wanted a safe way to contribute and this fund will go to the families of our FFT members and to the affected students directly. We are also exploring how to create scholarships along with our retiree chapter in honor of Bea & Gina.

If you didn’t do this last year please take advantage of a premium Calm subscription, free with your NYSUT membership. It provides in-service members with unlimited access to the full library of content at and in the Calm app. You just need your NYSUT number which we can help you with or you can get it at Just click log in and then ‘I need my NYSUT number’.

Member Benefits is offering enrollment for the Catastrophe Major Medical Plan. The enrollment period started on September 8th but goes until October 13th. Please register for one of the virtual webinars to find out about how this benefit can help you and your family.

  • Some of you have inquired about the trusty pocket calendar that we usually distribute to members in the beginning of the school year. As an FYI, NYSUT has informed us that due to a delay in production those calendars will not be shipped until late September.
  • October marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please donate or join the FFT Team.

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