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Message from President Cordelia Anthony

Dear Members,

I am happy to reach out to you this month to share information, some new member benefits, and to also ask for your help with important work. As I begin to write this email it’s May 1st and we are getting close to the end of this 22-23 school year. There is so much happening and I would like to share some of that with you. Firstly, thank you for your support in re-electing me for the next two years as FFT President. The elected officers, both old and new, look forward to continuing to work together to make our union stronger.

The FFT CHR committee shared some info and educational resources about recognitions in May like Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Month and Labor History Month. You should also know that May also commemorates Jewish American Heritage MonthMilitary Appreciation Month and Mental Health Awareness Month. Use the links to learn more about these recognitions. During this month we recognize the rich tapestry of diverse cultural heritages, the service and work ethic of labor, our US military and bring awareness to break the stigma of issues around mental health. 


I would like to thank those of you who were able to come out in solidarity on Sunday April 23rd to walk and rally with our union siblings in Lawrence. They were so overwhelmed and grateful for the support and to know that we see them, and are also angry about the conditions they have had to work under for the last 12 years. The turnout was good so I know I didn’t see everyone that was there, but thank you to those of you for being in attendance. Please pay attention to all the Budget vote and BOE elections in your towns because those elections have consequences and people that get on Boards of Ed who don’t have the best interest of the public schools lead to the issues that students, educators, and the community are dealing with in Lawrence. You can help here in our district with phone banks and other activities to help get Jones, Luisi and Morales elected to the Farmingdale BOE. More will come out about the slate that the FFT has endorsed.


Over the weekend of April 27th-30th NYSUT Representative Assembly was held in Albany. Your elected delegates were in attendance and busy at general sessions and committee meetings. We were also there to vote for and elect new officers, election district representatives and other delegates. Our new NYSUT President is Melinda Person and our new Executive Director is Jamie Ciffone. Ron Gross and Phillippe Abraham were re-elected as Second Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. Fixing Tier 6 was a priority item. There was a Special Order of Business that delegates voted for to call for an end to student over-testing. Also a resolution written by one of our own FFT members and approved by the Board of Trustees was approved in committee and passed on the convention floor. This resolution asked for the protection of LGBTQ+ rights in education. For more information about the convention check out this link:


Everyone who signed up for our two in-district ‘Will Days’ will be receiving (if you haven’t yet) a packet to fill out and bring with you to the appointment. The info packet will also give you a reminder of your appointment day and time. We are glad that so many of you are taking advantage of this free member benefit. As of 5/4 there are only 3 appointments left on 5/11 at Howitt. The times are 11a; 11:40a and 1:40p. If you were not able to sign up before and can’t sign up for any of the available time slots on the 11th please contact the FKM office in Hauppauge at 631-231-1450 because it is so important to have these vital documents in place. There is also paperwork you would need to get from us here at the union office to fill out and bring to the appointment. For newer members this is a great legal service member benefit plan that provides access to attorneys who will answer questions, write letters and review documents about personal legal matters at discounted rates. The will and proxy set up is a free benefit.