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Here Are Our Tips For New Teachers

Alright, take a deep breath, and just remember: You're human, and we all make mistakes.

1.) Plan for the year. Sounds simple, right? Give yourself time to assess goals every week or two, and look at your master list of school year goals then. If you're not assessing progress on a regular interval, how can you know if you're truly an effective teacher?

2.) Be positive. Believe us when we say we know how hard teaching can be! But we also know how important it is for teachers to stay positive to remain an inspiration to their students. Your students will also perform better when they are encouraged, and learn to recognize their strengths if you focus on them too, while still improving their weaker areas.

3.) Learn to balance your monitoring and direct teaching methods. Your students will respond to different methods of learning, and they will need to learn how to work independently, in groups, one-on-one with you, and in other environments. When you design your monthly and year-long curriculum strategies, think about how you will mix it up, in regards to your teaching methods and styles.

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